traitements physiques

physical treatment

Heat treatment

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Raise of underground temperature to increase pollutants evaporation: this allows to capture them via venting/ multiphase vacuum extraction (MPVE).


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Remediation of soil and/or water impacted by volatile compound (VOCs, BTEX…) in permeable environment, such as alluvium. It is also a process to retrieve LNAPL (Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid).


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Sparging is used to treat groundwater affected by pollutants transferable from water to air. Gas is injected in groundwater, and brings pollutants with him when going back to the surface. This polluted gas is then captured by venting.


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Soil treatment by extracting gas from the ground. Venting is efficient for permeable materials and volatile pollutants such as VOCs or BTEX.


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Pumped water and pollutants are then pre-treated (phase separation, filtration of suspended matter, etc.), then treated through stripping and activated carbon.